In 2005, we relocated from Sydney to California to work on some amazing projects. From our time as the lead designers for the ‘Constellation Property Group’s US office, to our previously named ‘Funkitecture Studio’, to our newly named DBRDS, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of great people of various skillsets.

Being Australian, we obviously found value to collaborating with local Architects to both learn the local practices & ensure our drawings met local code requirements.

Over the years however, a lot of the larger firms in our industry including Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, Land-Use/Masterplanning consultants & many others have been forced to reduce their staff in order to keep the doors open. Often companies that were 50+ people strong only a few years ago, are now down to the main principle staff plus the necessary auxiliary staff. A lot of offices (including ourselves) are now being smarter about their office spaces, sharing technologies & overheads, collaborating on smaller levels & thinking outside the box simply to stay afloat.

Being a smaller office with our own minimal overheads & armed with the ambition to start our own design practice, we have found ourselves being ‘Yes’ guys. Just as the Jim Carrey movie ‘YES MAN’, we have found ourselves saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity to work, makING connections, building our (own) portfolio & becoming known for the level of professionalism & care we bring to every design. Having this attitude has opened the possibility to have been invited by some of these larger firms to collaborate on their projects.

We have enjoyed this opportunity & seeing that our approach to be nimble, inquisitive, lateral thinking designers has helped us embrace these opportunities to make some great connections & work with some amazing people. We find that collaborations are always a creative process of expressing & exchanging ideas as well as learning & developing ideas from your peers.

Throughout the coming blogs, we will be posting stories & images about each of these collaborations.

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