a car park design that makes you think

Car parks are usually the least thought out and least creative component of any building. Mostly, car parks are just concrete, line-marked and consigned a number. Over the past few years, there have been a few projects trying to create brighter, more interesting possibilities for car parks using colors, graphics & such – but none as simple or impactful as one of our favourites right here in California.

While collaborating with Nadel Architects on a project in Huntington Beach, Pauly and myself stumbled upon the CAMP Mall, located on Bristol Street,  Costa Mesa in Orange County, where the parking spaces are consigned a word or saying – something inspiring that you simply cannot forget.

The CAMP Mall is a green themed, eco-friendly mall with retail stores and organic restaurants definitely well worth visiting. The CAMP car park is still bitumen and line-marked, just like every other car park, but at least you won’t forget where you parked.

It’s simple, creative, quirky & gets you thinking. Best of all, it’s unexpected. Just love it!


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