final approval for Altair

Through our sister blog ‘funkitimes‘ we have been explaining the entitlement process for our multi-family condominium project called Altair – located on the bluffs of Windansea Beach in San Diego, CA. This project was initially designed in 2008 & submitted to the City of San Diego in 2009.

For a project such as this which sits directly along the California coastline, the final phase of approval (even after the City of San Diego approval) is to go through a review process by the California Coastal Commission. This process was closed yesterday & we are delighted to say that we did not receive a single letter of objection during any phase of this projects approval!

This project has now been embraced & approved by the La Jolla Community, the City of San Diego & the California Coastal Commission – which makes us feel pretty good about the design.

Where does it go from here you ask? The next phase is to start drawing  the construction documents & submit for the Building Permit approval…at which point it will be ready to build!

Finally – thank you to the whole team for continued efforts to collaborate with City staff & our team as we navigated the many reviews, issues & presentations. This team includes:

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