Coffee and Music

Music and coffee are so much part of our lives and an intergral part of our design practice. Both coffee and music are inspirations for our ideas as well as avenues to meet people who inspire us.

We both frequent Sole Luna Cafe which is run by Alex and Gigio, who simply make the best coffee in San Diego. It’s one of the reason why we have brainstorming sessions there. And it’s also the place where we have come to know a gentleman by the name of Darwin E. Johnson, who is simply one of the most amazing and gifted Jazz vocalist.

On November 20th 2010, he performed at Dizzy’s Wine and Culinary Center in San Diego with his band on stage behind a wonderful backdrop of softly lit wall of wine bottles. The show was intimdate and the performance simply classic, with the focus being on his angelic voice. Pure and simple! Kind of what architecture should be.

And the amazing photos you see here are from the photographer Tim Otto, another gentleman who we got acquainted at Sole Luna. You can see some of Tim’s photos on display adorning the walls of Sole Luna. And Darwin Johnson? You can’t miss him. He’s the one always wearing a classy fedora hat.

Now, it’s time for coffee….ready to get inspired again!


  1. Wayne Hann

    Nice one Ivan, Darwin surely know how to hold the Jazz court. I saw his come back gig last year at the same venue. Wonderful. You are making me homesick!!

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