DBRDS in today’s ‘San Diego Business Journal’

Last week, amongst the excitement of the East Village Stadium Masterplan concept we proposed, we also received a phone call from a very nice gentleman named Lou Hirsh from the San Diego Business Journal having heard about DBRDS through McCullough Landscape Architecture‘s President & CEO – Catherine McCullough. Mr. Hirsh was in the process of writing an article about local San Diego businesses that have gained projects overseas in order to work through the local economical challenges. Anyone who knows DBRDS, knows that we would LOVE to be more focused on the local market. We are always searching for exciting opportunistic properties in San Diego, we are hungry to do more work locally, but this article highlights for us & other companies in San Diego the need to think outside the box to stay alive & well in this economy.

DBRDS has recently completed construction documentation for a 3 story commercial office building & a masterplan approval for a residential community in Nowra, Australia. We have also collaborated with McCullough Landscape Architecture on their 200 acre Fushun Dreamworld project in Fushun, China & with Kuatro Design on a 700,000 sqft Interior Design Competition for a new Government building in Nanjing, China.

Our most exciting overseas project that is currently in design development is a 14 story mixed-use project also in Nanjing, China. This design concept is pictured above & we will have more information on this design coming soon.

You can read the entire San Diego Business Journal article here. Thank you!


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