East Village Stadium – addressing public comment

As an ongoing exercise to improve our design philosophies and how we communicate our ideas, we decided that to tackle front on one of the biggest comments we received with the release of our East Village Stadium concept – the seating layout. Being predominantly a ‘bowl’ shaped stadium, the public felt that we had ignored the ‘preferred seating’ arrangement for an NFL fan experience – the understanding that sideline seats are more desired than the end zone seats.
While I completely appreciate this criticism and I accept that our initial design renderings did not address this preferred layout, we wanted to follow up to show that we had in fact designed that capability into our design with the largest of our façade wings being along the sidelines – to specifically cater for this layout if we were to develop the concept further. It was simply decided by the team to see what reaction (if any) we would receive and if it was worth developing it further – then we would.
With that understanding and the positive support we have received from the East Village Community Action Network, Council Members Kevin Faulconer & Todd Gloria, MTS CEO Paul Jablonski, Little Italy Association Executive Director Marco Li Mandri and the many San Diego Charger Fan groups and even other stadium design professionals & consultants – we felt it was appropriate to revise our artist renderings of the project to reflect our intended (and NFL preferred) seating design so that we may address comments.
We are also very happy to learn today that the NFL lockout is officially over and we all as fans can look forward to another great year of football supporting our San Diego Chargers!
Here are the revised renderings…


  1. Tad Shultz

    Looks strong, Paul….well done. Let me know if I can be of help to you should you need to take the design further. – Tad S.

  2. Robert

    Like the update but still feel it needs more work to be considered realistic.

    The problem with the circular design is the distance of the seats to the field. The best seats should be on the 50yd line but because it’s circular the seats at the 50 are the furthest away from the field, especially when looking at the upper deck. That’s why all modern football stadiums have a rectangular shape where the seating bowl is parallel to the sidelines.

    Also there’d be issues in the endzones. Because the endzones run into essentially a wall and the seating starts like 30 ft off the ground all seats in each endzone would not be able to see what’s taking place on the field directly below them in the endzone nearest to them, thus missing many key scoring plays in the game.

    Really love the exterior though and the area around the stadium. For it to be something that would truly be viable and something that would be built though, those issues I think would have to be addressed.

    • Robert – thanks for your comments. I agree, this proposal certainly would require a lot of input from many different sources if it was to move forward. We know that our design has great potential, and especially looks to elevate the possibilities for San Diego, but we also know that it is simply a concept at this stage. If the City & the Chargers felt it was worthy of additional exploration, we would absolutely do so.
      Thanks again for taking the time to provide us your thoughts.
      Pauly@ DBRDS

  3. Anthony Marotta (760)275-0755

    I really would love to talk to someone about this design
    This Would very much work for our Qualcomm site with some adjustments and Changes
    1. We would need it to be at the Qualcomm current site
    2. There would be five areas of design
    A. New 25,000 seat Arena separate on site
    B. New Murphy Plaza with New Champions Museum as anchor
    C. Hotel and Retail Village Area
    D. Stadium Design – 70,000 to 90,000 seating
    Chargers Sky Experience (Video Monitor Boards Circular Top of Stadium and in Ceilings of Two Level Sports Mall)
    Sky Boxes and Sky Clubs and Restaurants just under Sky Video Monitor boards
    Collage End Zone Seating to Increase Seating Capacity
    E. Amphitheater Current Design Good

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