Bullies @ Tin Can Alehouse

Aside from our passion for all things associated with design, we live and breathe all things local in San Diego, especially music. On Tuesday afternoon, Pauly received an impromptu email from Mark Murino, the guitarist for the legendary bluesy rock bandDirty Sweet, with notice that the members of Dirty Sweet were doing a show at the Tin Can Alehouse that very night under the name of ‘The Bullies’.

Singer Ryan Koontz and guitarist Mark Murino of the Bullies

The Tin Can Alehouse is one of those cool hole-in-the-wall Dive Bars located on 5th Ave on the foot of Bankers Hill. It’s tiny, long and narrow, nothing more than a front door with a wall mural from the street is nevertheless an amazing venue to see a local band. Being up close and personal with the likes of vocalist Ryan Koontz, drummer Chris Vanacore, bassist Christian Schinelli and guitarist Mark Murino was simply an adrenaline rush. Together as the ‘Bullies’ they played an intimate set of original blues and rock and roll.

Mark Murino

Seeing an amazing local band in an intimate cozy dive bar on a Tuesday night is a thrill as much as designing buildings and stadiums. It’s the small tangible things that we experience everyday like checking out a new place & hearing these amazing local talents that make us dream the bigger things in life.

Drummer Chris Vanacore and Pauly on stage

On a side note:

1. Definitely check out Dirty Sweet – on itunes and youtube.

2. Definitely, definitely check out Tin Can Alehouse – 1863 Fifth Ave, has an amazing selection of canned beer in San Diego. Was seriously thinking on trying every canned beer they had. Maybe some other time…..

3. Definitely, definitely, definitely check out Mark’s family restaurant – Marino’s Italian Restaurant on Ingraham in Pacific Beach.

Tin Can Alehouse with downtown San Diego in the backgorund

All local, all awesome and all good! Life is indeed good!


  1. correction:

    The bass player for Dirty Sweet & for the Bullies is in fact Christian Schinelli. Christian joined the guys following Shaun’s departure 3 years ago.

    One funky bass player…a pleasure to hear play.

  2. Is there any link between DS and the Bullies and the architecture world in SD? SMPS SD may be looking for a band to volunteer/play at an upcoming charity/holiday event at 57 Degrees….

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