while traveling…Winspear Opera House by Foster & Partners, Dallas

While traveling in Dallas with my Dad I made time to visit the Winspear Opera House by Foster & Partners in the Dallas Arts District. Having experienced several of Foster’s buildings including the Deutsche Bank Place Commercial building & the Regent Place Condominium Tower in Sydney Australia as well as the London City Hall & Great Court at the British Museum both in London, UK, I was interested to see how Foster & Partners incredible level of coordination & detailing would translate into an American project & I have to say, it is absolutely wonderful. The use of exterior shading & sun screening allows for 4 story glazing to be uninhibited which invites a soft natural light to flood the space.

On a cold, wintry day in Dallas, the lady at the front counter was kind enough to let me inside to view the spaces & allowed me to photograph…which doesn’t always happen. This is a wonderful example of an exciting contemporary performing arts building in an American urban environment which invites pedestrians to interact with it & provides shelter from an intense climate throughout the year. For more information & for some more photos that show the activation around the building (on cold non-wintry days), you can also visit Foster & Partners project site here.

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