January 25, 2012 – Ryan House site meeting photos

Some progress photos from the site this morning. Contractor Ken Stender invited structural engineer Steve Spence & I down to discuss some minor challenges…it was good session to two very passionate guys. I also caught a great (but cheesy) photo of Ken literally in the trenches getting some work done…he couldn’t believe I would find that photo worthy…but I did. Very happy to see this house coming together – the overall form is really nice and the views from the new second floor master bedroom are just amazing. There are so many little places around Pacific beach, Bird Rock & La Jolla that could get these kind ocean views from a second story…just love it!


  1. jun

    Looking good. One structure comment:
    Photo 2 & 7 show the ceiling joists next to a structure beam. There is gap between the ceiling joists and structure beam. Usually, the ceiling joists are hanged to the structure beam -bottom flashed with this beam. Why a gap? However, the dry wall can seal it..


  2. Patrick

    Those are pockets for rolling blinds that will be recessed up into the ceiling. That way, the ceiling surface extends flat to the eaves in an uninterrupted plane.

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