development study @ cedar & fern, san diego

Last year we had the opportunity to do a quick development summary on a great site in South Park, San Diego. Exploring the City codes, we decided that the best use for this site was a triplex of ‘live/work‘ lofts. This meant that we could maximize the FAR (floor to area ratio) allowed by the zoning regulations by being ‘mixed-use’, but to also minimize the impact of parking on this small lot. Located on the South-East corner of the block, this property has fantastic solar access getting great morning light & all throughout the day into the evening – which led us to explore the three (3) on the north/south axis giving each occupant maximum natural lighting & cross-ventilation.

We believe this site has some unique opportunities & so when we had our first intern in the DBRDS office Erica Padgett, a 3rd year Architecture student from USC, we decided to give her the task of exploring this concept further. Providing her guidance on the codes & to the decisions made on why we had developed this layout, we challenged Erica to explore both local & international examples of projects of this scale to create her own solution to the architecture.

Additional considerations given to this design were to provide a true at grade separate office space which could/could not be integrated into the over all triplexes, to provide 2 bedrooms & to provide some elevated outdoor space. All these were addressed in the planning. The presentation boards below is of the final design that we had Erica present to us in the office as she was to consider us her clients. She did a great job & we are proud to call this exercise a great collaboration of our ideas & Erica’s developing concepts.

We believe this site is still on the market at the recently reduced price of $595,000 & if you are interested in learning more about it you can contact Nate Benedetto at Strom Commercial at


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