loft2015, San Diego…

Photographer Darren Bradley took these really cool photos of our project Loft2015 over the weekend. This project was originally known as ‘Stella’ & was designed in 2004 by Matthew Cumming for the Constellation Property Group. In 2005, Matthew brought Pauly over from Sydney to work on the entitlement of the this project through the City of San Diego. This was the first project in the United States by Marchese Partners Architects (MPA) & with 15% affordable housing, additional density (86 town homes) & working with the MTS to create a landscaped buffer between the development & the adjacent trolley tracks – this project was unanimously approved by the City Council. In 2006 Construction documentation began by Sillman Wright Architects  with Pauly collaborating to maintain design quality control throughout & managing the Building Permit Approval process.

After a shaky construction period (due the financial downturn), the project was placed on the market at approximately 95% completion & was purchased in 2011 by Carmel Partners, a development company from Irvine, CA. Rebranding the project into ‘Loft2015’ Carmel Partners engaged DBRDS to assist with some design modifications, since the project had sat vacant & slightly unfinished for over 18 months. Working with Director Dan Byrd, our team provided multiple design solutions & allowed Carmel Partners to make cost effective changes to finish out the project. As of today, this project is currently 85% occupied & has been embraced by its occupants for the efficient layouts, abundance of natural light which flood the spaces & the natural cross ventilation.

The interior photos below are courtesy of KUATRO Design, with whom we collaborated to design the ‘sales display unit’ while we were still leading the MPA San Diego design team. These ladies are a whole lot of fun & we have actually collaborated with them a few times now on concepts in San Diego, Australia & in China.

Thanks Darren for the unexpected surprise with these beautiful photos & for inspiring this blog post.

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