The Mole Goddess

Last year one of our good friends Anna came to us with a challenge – to help her create a logo, an identity for an adventure she was about to start called ‘The Mole Goddess’. Anna is a really passionate, strong, peaceful woman & has been a great friend to us, especially when we hosted an event & some Tequila tastings at her old hang out (Cantina Mayahuel) in North Park.

So, trading ‘tastings for graphics’ we jumped at the chance to collaborate with Anna on her idea. Having years of experience working in local bars & restaurants, Anna felt a desire to use her skills in making traditional Mexican Mole to start her own business, which would intern help her fund a non-profit organization. The intention for the non-profit was to get the local mothers & kids in her community into the kitchens making traditional Mexican foods, thereby making some additional money for their families in these tough times, but also carrying forward the Mexican culture through their food. I think Anna explains it better here:

“The idea of a non-profit to help children of all ages, here & abroad with nutrition, education & medical came to me almost three yrs ago.  I didn’t know how I was going to fund it.  Then one day it occurred to me!  I was already working on the “Mole” recipe, like a “light bulb moment” it hit me!  I could have the proceeds from the Mole, fund the program, and not just here in Cali, why not Globally.  I can do this, sure, why not!  The Mole is healthy & very tasty…one of the best “comfort” foods around.  Why stop at Mole sauce!  Why not Mole tamales!  I thought to myself…and make them Lard-free, so that more people would be willing to eat tamales. 

I’ve recently been connected to the Kumeyaay (Indian) Tribe, and have learned a lot about these Indigenous people.  I have much respect & continue to learn more each day.  I would like to start some kind of Vocational training with our local Tribes.  To tie in the making of the Mole & Sustainable Agriculture.  This is where I would like to start, then the doors will open up to the rest of my vision.”

After a series of tracings, font options, great stories & lots of laughs, we agreed that the option below represented everything about the Mole Goddess that Anna loved. It has a sense of culture, strength, modernity, color, vibrancy & peace. We were thrilled at the opportunity to work with that amazing strong woman! Over the past few months we have encouraged Anna to create a Facebook page for The Mole Goddess as a way to use social media to expand her customer base, but also as a way to share photos of her process in making the Mole. A couple of weeks back she dropped into our office with a Tamale tasting, which was divine! So fresh, light & tasty…her lard free masa is amazing! So, please check out her FB page here & be sure to ‘like’ the Mole Goddess to stay up to date on how she does & you can even place orders with her!
Below is the image we used as inspiration for Anna’s logo, and the final logo itself. We also provided color options for her different flavors or Mild, Medium & Hot. We love the Mole Goddess!

On a final note, you may be wondering if Anna look’s familiar to you – well, without knowing it, you may just have seen Anna through the many artworks for which she has modeled! Through being the inspiration for Cantina Mayahuel’s logo, to the absolutely amazing paintings by Muralist Juanishi Orosco in Chicano Park, Anna has been the inspirational model for many Mexican cultural artworks. I look forward to nominating this particular piece for a ‘Public Art’ Orchid for this year’s Orchids & Onions too! Simply beautiful!

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