photos from Indian Valley

This blog is a collection of photos from our recent trip to Indian Valley, Ca. Always a relaxing time, this trip provides us boys a chance to get our BBQing, Liar’s Dice, barefoot golfing, T Room Patio beers, wildlife spotting good times. On this trip we saw a number of dear, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, a raccoon, a couple of snakes, a red tail hawk & three American Bald Eagles!

Another great trip with Bobby Bruce, Chevybuick, Ivanski, Commander, T$ & Heath ‘Farley’, this trip was enhanced by new friends – thanks so much to Jenn & daughters Miranda & Marisa who baked us an amazing loaf of Artisan Sourdough, with special mention to Miranda who brought her guitar & played us a mini concert on the cabin deck after requesting to see Heath’s ‘Fat Guy in a Little Coat’ impression. Next blog will have the videos!

Click images to enlarge.

above: view from the Cabin deck.

below: a house in Taylorsville, Ca.

above: the view across Indian Valley

below: a typical barn in Taylorsville, Ca.

above: detail of a barn

below: the boys enjoying morning views up the mountain

above: the Que

below: Taylorsville resident, in his truck

above: red truck

below: the boys golfing with Mt. Huff in the background

above: Mt. Huff, Indian Valley, Ca.

below: Taylorsville Tavern, Ca.

above: Bobby Bruce & Heath, man’ing the grill

below: dinner – marinated chicken thighs & baby back ribs

above: the Que

below: proof for the wives that we actually eat vegetables

above: Taylorsville, CA – founded 1852

below: Indian Valley Creek, Ca.

above: view of Indian Valley from Beardsley Grade

below: typical tractor barn

above: Genessee ‘Horse Barn’

below: Genessee Creek, Ca.

above: how many beers does it take to change a tire?

below: fire damage around Antelope Lake, Ca.

above: dinner – tri tips, kielbasa, grilled corn

below: the perfect cut

above: token greens

below: Commander’s Famous Garlic Mash & Sauteed Mushrooms

above: lazy Sunday at Round Valley Lake, Ca.

below: panoramic of Round Valley Lake, Ca.

above: view across Lake Almanor to Lassen Volcanic National Park

below: a little water snake

above: sunset views across Indian Valley, Ca.

below: the Artisan Sourdough bread by Jenn.


  1. Jenn

    Such a pleasure meeting all of you, So glad you enjoy our valley. Bring up the families! Miranda is ready for her next performance, she is working on a new tune! Marisa is ready for more impressions, and Madelynn can’t wait to meet everyone next visit. Beautiful pictures love them all!

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