friday lunches are the best

To say thank you to intern Kaylena for her awesome development of a new design, Ivan & decided to take her down to Red Light District to give her a walk through the back of house areas to explain various points of ‘real world’ design (as opposed to ‘school world design’). We felt it was only appropriate to start this lunch with a flight of the beer selections. From the Ommegang Witte, to the Chocolatey Extra Stout, we felt this was a solid tasting. Waitress Josie was very well versed on the beer range, I expect nothing less from a true Kiwi, her accent is even still fresh, unlike my own. Little taste of the Shishito Peppers also to go with the beers, always the perfect pairing.

Kaylena stayed relatively healthy with the Grilled Chicken & Brie Sandwich ($9), while Ivan had the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Box with Mash & Gravy ($12) & I had the Bangers & Mash ($14).

To end the awesomeness, Ivan went across to RLD’s sister ‘Cafe Lulu’ for a pastry to go with our espresso. Solid lunch, great work from Kaylena’s design development to inspire the midday adventure.

all photos by pauly de bartolo, except the first photo which is by Darren Bradley Photography.


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