Richard Meier’s San Diego Court House Building, by Darren Bradley Photography

To celebrate the birthday of San Diego’s most passionate architectural photographer, we would like to share his most recent photos of Richard Meier‘s first building, the San Diego Court House. It’s fair to say that we here at DBRDS are massive fans of Richard Meier. Ivan & I have collected multiple books on his work, we have spent hours visiting, photographing & discussing the planning, details, forms, filtered light, spaces, connections, materiality, etc of his projects; we are without a doubt, students of Richard Meier. That being said, we have eagerly awaited the completion of his first building right here in San Diego & are super happy to share Darren’s amazing photos of the San Diego Court House.

All photos are © Darren Bradley Photography

Meier_Courthouse_BRADLEY_2 Meier_Courthouse_BRADLEY_3 Meier_Courthouse_BRADLEY_4 Meier_Courthouse_BRADLEY_5 MeierCourthouse_BRADLEY_12


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