La Jolla Historical Society – Young Architects Summer Camp


For the second year running, the La Jolla Historical Society is hosting its ‘Young Architect’s Summer Camp’ in July 2013. Continuing her leadership role is local Architect Laura DuCharme-Conboy (who also sits on the Advisory Board for the NewSchool of Architecture & Design) joined by Pauly from DBRDS.

The Summer Camp starts the week of July 15-19 for Middle School students, following into the week of July 22-26 for High School students. Activities will include hand sketching (1-point & 2-point), site visits to local prominent homes from traditional styles through to modern, as well as an introduction to Google Sketchup, model making & a design assignment complete with a final presentation. Its going to be a busy week as Laura & I have met several times already & have locked in our very busy itinerary & as well as the parameters for the personal assignment. It’s sure to be a good combination of education & expression as the students are exposed to multiple facets of Architecture & Design.

The goal of the camp is to inspire & educate students about their built environment while giving them a glimpse into our profession…a shared vision of the San Diego Architectural Foundation for whom I am the current Vice-President, so I look forward to collaborating with Laura on this great program & continuing my involvement in San Diego’s Architectural community.

Spots are limited, so if you have a child in middle school or high school, or know someone who would be interested in participating in the camp, please check out the link below & get signed up!


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