We are an Australian born design studio based in Downtown San Diego, California. Founded by partners Pauly De Bartolo & Ivan Rimanic, we have been working together for almost 10 years on designs & projects in Australian, China, Ireland, England, Mexico & the United States. We design buildings, spaces, communities & places…and we are passionate about that.

our passion is driven by the belief that intelligent design can inspire & improve the way we live & connect. we practice this with every client, on every project.

our core values keep us focused & dedicated to intelligent design. our core values are:

  • develop strong relationships with our clients
  • design to exceed their expectations
  • design to inspire

client testimonials:

“We are glad and honored to have the opportunity to work with Pauly and Ivan on two projects in China: the Deer & Water City (urban commercial complex) and the Nanjing Artists’ Workshop (mixed-use office & hotel building). They always bring creative ideas to the team and are so experienced in turning those ideas to reality. I feel the true passion of them for the built environment through their professional services and skills. Everybody in the team here in China expects more future collaboration with them.”

–    Emily Xiaowen Dai, Nanjing Kingdom Architecture & Design Co., China

“Regarding our work together in Indian Wells, California: Pauly and Ivan managed beautifully despite a complex entitlement process that forced many changes and despite the sometimes conflicting goals among those on our development team. Their good humor and common sense went a long way, but it was their diligence, intelligence, and imagination that produced a wonderful design for what remains the finest undeveloped site for a first class resort in California’s Coachella Valley.”

–    Paul Freeman, Founder of Shibumi Strategies & Former Mayor of Laguna Beach

“Pauly and Ivan have done an outstanding job of providing both conceptual and working drawings for our high-profile projects. Their work is impeccable, well thought-out, and functional. I look forward to many more projects with DBRDS.”

–    Dan Byrd, Director of Capital Projects, Carmel Partners Inc. California


  1. Dan Czarnecki

    Your stadium proposal looks great. Unfortunately the “bowl concept”
    is dead as far as seating desgn is concerned. The design trend is to get fans/seats closer to the action by more of a linear approach. Not much of an improvement over Qualcomm stadium in my opinion.

    • Appreciate your comments Dan.

      It is just a concept at this stage, no one has engaged us to design anything – we are just having fun as designers who love San Diego & the Chargers!


  2. Darrell Swain

    Love the proposal. Some very unique and fun ideas. I was a little surprised to see the circular bowl design, but after learning of the concept with the bolts, it made sense. Love the park next to the stadium with the open air amphitheater – very San Diego. Overall, great design. Now…how to pay for it?

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